Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Panic Begging

by Pa Rock
Perpetual Mark

I can tell that there will soon be a new email address in my future.  Junk mail is relentless when there is no charge for the postage.

On most days I receive forty or fifty junk emails begging for money.  A few come from charities,  but most are sent by politicians who want me to know that my small donation is all that's standing between the preservation of our democracy and Republican evangelical anarchy.  The politicial emails are always clever and insistent, often telling me that I have just a few hours to beat some artificial deadline.

Yesterday, being the last day of the year, the beggars went absolutely crazy.  By the time I shut my computer down and headed to bed, I had deleted somewhere north of 170 appeals for a piece of my money.  The legitimate charities wanted me to know that if I desired by to make a tax-deductible donation in 2013, I had to pledge by midnight.  The politicians, while not being able to offer tax deductions, wanted me to know that a handout in 2013 would show strength of their candidates.    Obviously the politicians were piggy-backing on the urgency that the charities were trumpeting.

It's the end of the year - give, give, give!

It's the end of the year - delete, delete, delete!

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Xobekim said...

The political contribution limits are genuine. If your candidate can get you to give, hopefully max out, in 2013 then they can renew their appeals to you in 2014 without violating the limits. See,