Sunday, January 5, 2014

Another Political Joke Is About to be Foisted on Arizona

by Pa Rock
Citizen Journalist

Hollywood has-been Steven Seagal has informed America that he is considering running for governor of Arizona.  Seagal, who has had a continuing connection to the Scorpion State through some of his reality television projects, apparently feels that he has what it takes to fill Jan Brewer's pumps.  And while he has less on-the-ground political experience than the wily Governor Brewer, he is almost as pretty.

Seagal currently has a new reality program called Steven Seagal - Lawman:  Maricopa County.  The actor is a crony of our windbag sheriff, Joe Arpaio, and also a member of Arpaio's unpaid and overly-hyped citizen's posse.  He has discussed his intention of running for governor with the 81-year-old sheriff.

A few years ago Seagal made news when he took part in an Arpaio raid on a chicken farm in an ill-fated attempt to bust a cockfighting ring.  Seagal was in a military tank that crashed through the farmer's gate.  In the melee that followed multiple chickens as well as a puppy belonging to the farmer's children were killed.  Seagal and Arpaio, who each claim animal cruelty as one of their pet-peeves, were sued over the incident at the chicken farm.

That is law enforcement, Maricopa County style.

If there is one state in America where Steven Seagal would have a snowball's chance of being elected governor, it would be Arizona.  But even this state (which gets bluer by the day) won't be a cakewalk.  Seagal needs to remember he's no Reagan - or even a Jesse Ventura.

The Scorpion State just can't seem to catch a break!

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