Thursday, July 11, 2013

Trip Recap

by Pa Rock
Weary Traveler

This will be my last night in the Ozarks, (well, the Kansas City area, actually), and tomorrow I will fly back to the scorched earth and satanic heat of Phoenix.  I began my trip in the Kansas City area (Roeland Park, Kansas) where I spent a couple of days with my youngest son, Tim, and his beautiful wife and daughter.

From there I traveled to West Plains, Missouri, for a six-day visit with my oldest son, Nick, and his fourteen-year-old son, Boone.  Nick was off several days during that time, so we got in some good visiting and saw a couple of movies.  While staying in West Plains I found a little farm that is in very good condition and seemed to be fairly priced.  As of this moment, I have a verbal agreement to buy the place and hope to move in next April.

My next stop was in Rogers, Arkansas where I stayed with my sister, Gail, for a couple of nights.  Gail lives in Florida and Arkansas, and just happened to come back from Florida for a surprise visit with her kids while I was also in the Ozarks.  During my stay in Arkansas I got to visit with my niece, Tiffany, and her family, as well as with my nephew, Justin, and his family.  Nephew Reed was out of town for the holidays, so I missed him.

One of my sadder times on this trip occurred when I spent a day in Noel.  My little farm there has been vandalized and robbed repeatedly, and the big house where my children grew up has suffered greatly from neglect and renters who could never love the place the way I do.  (I did make a verbal agreement to sell the farm to one of the neighbors, a young man who grew up next door and has promised to bring the place back to its former glory.  The place is bringing about a third of what I had in it.)

I have been back in Roeland Park for two days now.  Tim and Erin are such wonderful parents and it has been a pleasure watching them interact with little Olive.

Tonight I will pack and get ready for the trip back to the desert..  I will arrive in Phoenix about three-thirty in the afternoon.  It is likely to be hot.

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