Sunday, July 21, 2013

The Little Monsoon that Could

by Pa Rock
Desert Rat

Six years ago this month myself and my oldest son and his son arrived by car in Phoenix expecting to be consumed by the fierce temperatures of summer in this unholy desert.  What we got as we drove into the city on I-17 was quite a surprise.  It was raining hard and water was careening down the streets.  We had never heard of Arizona's monsoon season, but suddenly we were experiencing it first-hand.

The monsoon, or summer storm season, is an annual event which brings in much of the Valley's total annual rainfall within a window of a couple of months.   Six years ago the monsoon was actually soaking the Valley on a regular basis, but the amount of rainfall seems to have been dwindling over the intervening years.  Last year we had zero rain in the West Valley during the monsoon season.

This year, however, things are better.  There was one brief rainstorm while I was vacationing in the Ozarks, this Friday night we had more rain, and last night and today we had some nice showers.  I didn't have to water my usually-parched yard the entire weekend.  The reprieve has been wonderful!

This small amount of rain doesn't darned little, however, to relieve the general drought conditions that we have been under the past few years.  I understand that the legislature has ruled out global warming as a cause because that is just a plot to undermine American security that was dreamed up by the two Al's:  Gore and Jazeera.

The good old boys at the Capitol are, as a rule, all wet.  Now, thanks to an heroic little monsoon, so are the rest of us!

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