Monday, July 8, 2013

A Trip to Less-than-Bountiful

by Pa Rock
Absentee Landlord

My father always said that you shouldn't have property that you can't look after.  He was right, of course, and the trip that my sister and I took to Noel, Missouri, today underscored that philosophy.

What was, just a few short years ago, the grandest home in Noel, Missouri, the place where my children grew up, has become a dump, both inside and out, since my last visit there in the fall.  I was so disappointed that I just wanted to sit on the curb and cry.  Another place that I have there - a little farm - has been robbed and vandalized numerous times in the past several months, the copper plumbing stolen, and the wires in the pump house cut just apparently for meanness.  The hot water heater was even stolen from inside of the house.

It is all just so sad.

A depressed economy, vandals and criminals, and hard times in general have combined to place the entire community under a pall.  I am utterly disheartened.  I don't know yet where I will retire to, but I definitely know where I won't.

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