Wednesday, July 10, 2013

GOP "Re-brands" with Same Old Branding Iron

by Pa Rock
Citizen Journalist

After Mitt Romney, a name that will live in ignominy, went down in political flames last year, and Republican recriminations rose in full fury, many leaders of the "Grand Old Party" announced that it was time to "rebrand" their organization.  All of the Mexican-hating, gay-bashing, misogynistic assholes - and all of their relatives - were getting older, dying off, and unable to muster a majority in what many believed should have been a winnable election.

The problem with the notion of a re-brand arose when the tea-party rebelled against progress, and the tail once again began to wag the dog.

A bi-partisan group of U.S. Senators was formed to work on the issue of immigration, and a lame bill finally made its way out of the Senate.  Few suspect that it will ever become law because John Boehner, Chief Wimp of the House,  has stated that he won't let it come to the floor for a vote until a majority of Republicans in the House are willing to support it.   That will happen long after Hell freezes over.

Gay marriage is on the march nationwide, and all reputable polls report that a majority of Americans favor gays having the right to marry the people they love - just like straight people are able to do.  But many conservative Republicans, some of whom have had multiple spouses and serial romantic liaisons beyond the boundaries of marriage, are fighting to save "traditional" marriages by banning gay marriages.

Old, white Republican men (and more than a few old, white Republican women) are hell-bent on denying women their Constitutional right to an abortion.  Lunatic GOP-controlled state legislatures are fighting to see who can produce the most draconian restrictions on abortions.  My congressman, Mr. Trent Franks of Arizona, is a one-issue public servant whose only interest in governance appears to be to control the bodies of women.

And, as is often the case with right-wing loonies, logic has no place in their agendas.  A female Texas state legislator who is strongly anti-abortion, made news this week when she voted to support a bill that would have denied poor women necessary prenatal care.  Her argument was that those fetuses didn't need medical care because they hadn't been born yet!  Yet other Texas politicos, like God's pretty boy in the State House, Rick Perry, believe that a fetus is a living human being from the time his father, uncle, grandfather, or rapist, gets the first tingle of a woody.

The Republican Party is an annoying assemblage of old white people who hate Hispanics and gays, and feel the need to control women.   They also oppose raises in minimum wage - or even the concept of a minimum wage, any type of taxation that they personally would have to pay, and all forms of government assistance - except, of course, for tariffs, farm subsidies, corporate tax breaks, and any other type of welfare that benefits them directly.

The people who comprise the Republican party are being overcome by rapid changes in society - and they are dying off.   The tea-baggers may not be ready to give up their hateful ways,  but change is coming.  At some point they are going to be laughed into a corner where they can sit regally and play checkers with remnants of the Klan.  When that happens they will have been re-branded into a footnote much like their political forbears, the Know-Nothing Party.

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Xobekim said...

I spoke to God this morning. She denies knowing anyone in Texas government by the name of Rick Perry. She has a good memory. Afterall She is God.