Saturday, July 13, 2013

Facebook, Begone!

by Pa Rock
Free Human Being

One good thing that I managed to accomplish on the trip back to the Ozarks was to get myself extricated from Facebook.  Tim told me that he had just managed to get himself free of the Internet's most popular cesspool, and I asked him to do the same for me.

I tried a couple of years ago to free myself from Facebook but finally gave up.  It seemed to be well beyond my technical abilities.  Tim managed the feat in just a few clicks.  No sooner was I out of there than I had an email in my inbox from Facebook asking me if I had made an error in leaving and telling me how I could get reconnected on  my old account whenever I wanted to.

Don't hold your breath, Zuckerberg!

It will be rough going for awhile.  Suddenly I will be deprived of knowing what people whom I haven't seen in forty years had for breakfast this morning.  But I will get over it just as I survived the termination of my relationship with Walmart twenty years ago.

There's more to life than the drama of Facebook.

For all of my old friends who want me to know about their cat's aches and pains, put it in an email.  Of course, you could send me a real letter, but I am currently trying to de-friend the Postal Service as well.

LinkedIn, you're next!

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Don said...

Amen, brother, I say, Amen!!