Saturday, June 22, 2013

The Best Movie at Best Buy

by Pa Rock
Proud Papa

Reed Smith, one of my two favorite nephews, texted last night with the news that he had found copies of Tim's movie, The Brass Teapot, for sale at the Best Buy in Rogers, Arkansas.  (The movie also went on sale at Amazon this week.)

Today I drove down to Goodyear to see if it was on the shelves of that Best Buy, and sure enough, I found four copies, two regular and two Blu-Ray, in the comedy section sandwiched between The Blues Brothers and Breakfast at Tiffany's - and just one down from The Breakfast Club.  What a great neighborhood!

I bought the two regular copies and told the checkout clerk that the store needed to order more in anticipation of my Arizona friends coming in to get their own copies.  The young man, a shameless skeptic, compared the last name on my credit card with the name of the screenplay writer on the DVD package.  When he convinced himself that I just wasn't another Arizona loony who had spent too much time staggering beneath the brutal desert sun, he said that he would have to check the movie out himself.

After leaving Best Buy I walked down the block to the Barnes and Noble to see they were carrying The Brass Teapot.  They weren't.  No wonder Amazon is eating their lunch!

Best Buy, you rock!

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