Sunday, June 16, 2013

Sinkhole de Mayo

by Pa Rock
Film Fan

Father's Day appears to be a biggie for going to the movies.  I drove to the local multiplex this afternoon, a run down facility that never does much business and will certainly be closed before the next Father's Day rolls around.  To my amazement, however, the place was packed today.  There are several movies currently playing that are being talked about, which probably accounts for a good percentage of those who got out in this god-awful heat to go to a movie - and, it was Father's Day, a great opportunity to take Dad to the movies.

The movie that I chose to see, This Is the End, was a raunchy comedy about a group of young actors at a party when the apocalypse begins.  All of the stars of this film played themselves - and the party was at what was purported to be James Franco's house.   The ensuing party and apocalypse contained lots of sight gags and clever verbiage.      The end of days depicted in the film was based loosely on the Book of Revelations.  Sinkholes opened up with served as conduits to the fiery bowels of Hell, and righteous souls were lifted to Heaven by columns of blue light.

As the mayhem begins, people at Franco's party rush out into the yard where some are plunged into Hell (sorry, Michael Cera) while others are sucked up to Heaven.  But for some reason, six of the men were left to fend for themselves among the carnage and havoc.  James Franco and his buddies - Seth Rogen, Jonah Hill, Jay Baruchel, Danny McBride, and Craig Robinson - boarded themselves into Franco's palatial home where they hunkered down until they started driving each other mad and running out of supplies.  And that's basically the plot.

There were cameo appearances by Rihanna and Paul Rudd, and hysterical brief appearances by Michael Cera, Emma Watson, and Channing Tatum.

This Is the End is a very funny movie, but not one for the whole family.  In fact, I would be uncomfortable even watching it with my adult children.  But that's just me.   The movie was long on laughs and short on plot.  It was worth the price of admission - just.

Happy Father's Day!

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