Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Guess What I'm Thinking

by Pa Rock
Old Fart

Yesterday I received my annual car tags dun from the state of Arizona.   Actually, if a certain Arizona car dealership had any sense of honor, I would not have received the aforementioned dun for another year.   But when I purchased the automobile last year part of our purchase agreement was that they would tag it.  I had been away from Arizona for a couple of years and had forgotten that cars here can be tagged for two years – an oversight that the slick salesman took advantage of.    He also delivered the car without floor mats or a remote key – along with only one standard key.

My only other clear memory of the car salesman on that scorchingly hot August afternoon was that he was free and easy with the Jesus talk.    I’m sure there is a special room in Hell for car salesmen, but those who have practiced their craft in Arizona will probably enter it with a sigh of relief.

But back to the tag renewal story:  I managed to get the state mandatory emissions testing after work yesterday and still make it to  the office where the tag renewals take place.  Both are conveniently located within a few miles of where I work.  When confronted by the one-year-or-two question by the clerk in the licensing office, I chose the one-year option. 

Can you guess by that bold move what lifestyle change I am contemplating in the next year?   I’m beginning to burn a few bridges!

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Xobekim said...

They must have changed the law. When I got to Arizona the cost to tag the car was about what you'd expect to pay for sales tax at the time of purchase in other states. But the tag went with the vehicle, so if you sold the car, it was already tagged. And believe me, I saw people stunned when they learned the tag was in the thousand dollar range. Talk about sticker shock!

As to your question the speculation triangulates from KC to Noel to West Plains. Of course you've always claimed Noel as home.