Sunday, June 30, 2013

Around and About

by Pa Rock
Busy Grandpa

Today we managed to stay very busy with trips to Cabela's (where I bought a hat to protect me from the Arizona sun), Old Navy (where we acquired a few new clothes), and a park (where we had fun swinging and sliding).  Meals were at the Panera Bread Company and Bob Evans.

Little Olive is so busy and so quick that most of the pictures I take of her come out blurred!

The weather continues to be cool and beautiful.  I sat on the deck writing for a couple of hours this afternoon.  I dread leaving all of this greenery and going back to Arizona in a couple of weeks.

Tonight there are fireworks going off near Tim and Erin's house.  It is so very Midwest and so very Fourth of July!

Tomorrow I am heading off to West Plains. Nick and Boone have made some plans which include going to see a fireworks display and taking in Johnny Depp's new movie - The Lone Ranger - this version of which promises to be very Tonto-centric.  Somewhere Jay Silverheels is smiling!

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