Saturday, June 15, 2013

Saturday Flies By

by Pa Rock
Harried Typist

It's always nice to know that no matter how busy the week has been, a weekend is coming that will allow time to refresh and regroup.  Sadly, today was not one of those Saturdays that brought much in the way of regeneration.

I began the day working on a writing project (something other than the Ramble) which I have been pursuing for a couple of months now.  It is s unique activity that is giving me a great deal of pleasure.  Every couple of weeks I send it off to my son, Tim, a professional writer, who critiques it much like a college professor would, and he sends it back marked up and ready for more work.

That fun writing time was followed by a very long afternoon at a meeting in which I was one of many presenters.  (Work on a Saturday - how appalling!)  This evening I watered the yard - a two-hour process, took an extra lap on my regular health-walk (in 105 degree weather), made some necessary phone calls, worked on my jigsaw puzzle of Chichen Itza, and was finally able to relax and watch my four Saturday night British comedies on Public Television:  Keeping Up Appearances, As Time Goes By, Last of the Summer Wine, and Are You Being Served?

It was a long day, and I am very tired.  Somehow I feel like I lost half of my weekend!   And yes, I will have some cheese and crackers with that whine!

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