Saturday, June 1, 2013

But It's Still Spring!

by Pa Rock
Citizen Kibitzer

Today is Saturday, the first day of June in the year 2013.  Summer does not arrive, according to the calendar, for a full three more weeks.  Yet it as hot as hell in the Valley of Hell, and quite possibly hotter than hell!  The temperature in Phoenix hit 107 degrees Fahrenheit at three o'clock this afternoon. That was two hours ago and it is still 107 degrees.   Tomorrow it is supposed to be hotter.

I went outside awhile ago to turn on the yard sprinklers - and the grackles almost knocked me over as they winged their way into the spray.  That brought back memories of a trip to Las Vegas that a friend and I took one August several years ago.  The Vegas birds were dive-bombing the swimming pools and using them as birdbaths!

I suppose we take comfort where we can find it.

Meanwhile, my old body is rapidly turning to jerky and my car is running a little slower because the tires are sticking to the asphalt.

I think I'll go outside and sit under the sprinklers with the grackles.  I take friends where I can find them!

People shouldn't live like this!

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