Saturday, June 29, 2013

Shade and Breeze

by Pa Rock

I'm sitting out on Tim and Erin's deck, just me and Mr. Furley, and it is the most pleasant environment that I have enjoyed in months.  The temperature is somewhere in the seventies, it is fairly cloudy, and a wonderful breeze is whipping through the enormous oaks that span the skies above this idyllic backyard.

CNN said just a few minutes ago that the temperature hit 120 degrees in Palm Springs today and was higher in Death Valley.  Phoenix and the Valley of Hell cannot be far behind.   CNN said that the Earth was possibly nearing its highest temperature ever - though I am uncertain as to how one would calibrate a temperature for an entire planet.

Of course, Rush, and Glenn, and Sean, and Michele, and Sarah, and Bill-O would all have us believe that climate change is a liberal hoax (or a left-wing plot), and that the Earth, in fact, is not warming - and if it is warming, it is the will of God.  I wonder if they will be wearing life jackets and broadcasting from corporate cabin cruisers when God wills the Atlantic to the foothills of the Appalachians and the Pacific to the base of the Rockies?

But those are problems for another day - maybe tomorrow or possibly the day after.  This day I am enjoying the beauty of a gorgeous summer afternoon in Kansas, sandwiched between breezy blue skies and the greenest grass imaginable.  The miserably hot, dust-laden air and scorched asphalt parking lots of Phoenix are over a thousand miles and a lifetime away.

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