Friday, June 28, 2013

Notes from a Green Place

by Pa Rock
Ozarks Homeboy

I arrived in Kansas City a couple of hours ago and feel as though I have stepped into Nirvana.  It is so beautiful here out in the quiet burbs surrounding the city, and everything is green - the big shady trees, the grass, the attitudes, everything.  And the houses are a variety of colors.  It is all so much different and so much more appealing than dry, brown Arizona.  And the temperature, while still plenty warm, is a significant twenty-five degrees below today's high in Phoenix.

Olive and I have been playing.  She is such a sweet and active little girl.  Tim and Erin have recently moved to Roeland Park, Kansas, and have a nice home that provides Olive with a big back yard in which to romp and stomp.  The family kitty, Mr. Furley, has also fallen in love with the sylvan setting and has transformed himself into an outdoor cat after living all of his previous years in apartments.

It will be very hard to go back to parched Arizona after experiencing all of this wonderful greenery!

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