Thursday, February 3, 2011

Westboro Maggots Sink to New Low

by Pa Rock 
Citizen Journalist

Colonel Parker Schenecker was traveling on assignment for the U.S. Army in the middle eastern country of Qatar last week when he learned that his two children had been murdered.  The kids, a 16-year-old daughter named Calyx and a 13-year-old son by the name of Beau, were shot to death by their mother who was supposedly distraught that they "talked back" and were "mouthy."

This tragedy occurred at the family home in Tampa, Florida.  Julie K. Schenecker, aged 50, waited the three required days to purchase a Smith and Wesson handgun, read the instruction booklet on how to operate the firearm, and then methodically and in cold blood killed both of her children.

So Col. Schenecker is home now and he is grieving - and his grief is undoubtedly righteous.   He has lost both of his children, and his wife, their mother, is in jail for the murders.  Surely nothing could make this utterly horrible situation any worse than it already is.  Nothing, perhaps, but the arrival of a caravan of lunatics from Topeka intent on disrupting the memorial service for Calyx and Beau.

That's right.  The Phelps' family from the Westboro Baptist Church is packing up and heading south with every intention of destroying the solemnity of the day as the Schenecker relatives and friends try to bid a peaceful and loving farewell to Calyx and Beau.  The tenuous rationale that these amoral hatemongers are using is that Parker Schenecker works for the Army, the Army works for our government, and our government "promotes" the homosexual lifestyle or agenda or whatever.

It just doesn't get any sicker than that!

Nobody protected the Schenecker kids from the evil that befell them. Kansas, who is protecting the children trapped inside of the Phelps' compound in Topeka?  They are your responsibility.

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