Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Arizona Vigilante Guilty of Murdering Child

by Pa Rock
Citizen Journalist

White extremist Shawn Forde has been found guilty on two counts of murder in the deaths of an Arizona man and his 9-year-old daughter - Raul and Brisenia Flores.   The little girl was killed with two direct gunshots to the head as she was pleading for her life.  The sentence for this horrific crime will be handed down in a couple of days.  Meanwhile, Ms. Forde's two associates, Albert Robert Gaxiola and Jason Eugene Bush, are still awaiting trial for their alleged participation in the same murderous rampage.

Ms. Forde likes to fashion herself as a "minuteman" with a mission of defending America against the invasion of brown hordes stampeding across the country's southern border.  But she is actually nothing more than another stupid racist with a gun - something that is sadly commonplace in the Scorpion State.  She and her idiot gang-of-two broke into a mobile home in rural, southern Arizona, most likely to commit a robbery, and wound up opening fire on the three people who lived there.  (The little girl's mother survived by pretending to be dead.)

Cold blooded killers!

Stupid racist scum!

The Arizona legislature currently is considering five separate bills, all of which would have the effect of sending more unqualified and untrained doofus bastards to the border.   These state-sanctioned vigilantes would undoubtedly be armed to the teeth because Arizona has basically no gun laws.  (In Arizona a person does not have to have a permit or any training in order to carry a gun - even a concealed gun - and Arizonans can take their guns anywhere they damned well please!)

Here is a listing of the ways that members of the state legislature are currently frittering away their time while posturing for their white-trash masters:

HB 2070 would create a "Homeland Security Force" to serve under the "leadershsip" of Governor Jan Brewer.  (Will she get her own horse and a sword?)

HB 2081 would allow Governor Brewer to declare an emergency and send more National Guard troops to the border.   (Here's betting that those showboat emergencies would be reserved for election years!)

HCR 2072 calls for a ballot measure to create a State Militia.  (The ballot measure would have the added political benefit for the Republican legislators and office holders of bringing every cracker, racist, and sandbilly to the polls on that particular election day.)

SB 1342 would place Arizona Rangers on the border to function as immigration agents - which is not a state function.

SB 1495 would create an Arizona State Guard.

So, with a new State Guard, a State Militia, and a Homeland Security Force - every dopehead, dickhead, and bar fly in the state will be able to stuff themselves into a uniform and roam the desert with beer coolers and automatic weapons -  on the hunt for illegals!

Glory days!

But Shawn Forde won't be out soaking up any more glory - her happy ass is going to be in prison!

BOYCOTT ARIZONA for the state's own good!

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