Saturday, February 5, 2011

Delusional Snakes Fornicating

by Pa Rock
Citizen Journalist

The Republican Party and their inbred offspring, the teabaggers and birthers, are slobbering all over themselves with talk about how they are going to take the country back from the evil Svengali, a.k.a. President Obama, in 2012.  They had a decent win at the polls in 2010, and they believe that will result in even more and better victories in 2012.

It won't.

The problem, of course, is that not all Republicans sing out of the same hymnal.  In fact, this conglomeration of statesmen, politicians, teabaggers, birthers, and Klansmen are an explosion waiting to happen.  As an example, there was a piece in The Daily Kos earlier this week citing a Rasmussen poll that said one-third of likely GOP  primary voters say that Sarah Palin is the candidate they would least like to see get the Republican presidential nomination.   Yet the same poll revealed that nearly half of Palin's supporters say they may vote third-party if their nitwit is not the nominee.

Will the Republican Party chose a standard-bearer with enough intelligence to handle the economy, international relations, and serious domestic policy issues, or will they cast their lot with the loud and dangerous wing of the party and come up with a candidate who thumps a Bible, totes a gun, and laces every public utterance with race-baiting, gay-bashing, and profound ignorance?

No matter who the delegates at the Republican convention ultimately select, that person will be completely unacceptable to a big chunk of the party.

Another obstacle that will befall the GOP during the next two years will be the crazy legislation that its members of Congress have already started drafting.  It's one thing to be out of power and sitting on the sidelines name-calling, but quite another to be in power and sputtering nonsense instead of actually governing.   The country will also quickly tire of Representative Issa's planned agenda of endless and useless  investigations.

Yet another obstacle will be the person that most Republicans love to hate, President Barack Obama.

The Daily Kos ran some results from Public Policy Polling that showed President Obama's star is ascending.  During the month of January his job approval ratings and net favorability both rose by a whopping 11 percent!  That same poll also studied the "intensity gap" and found that 65 percent of Democrats are "very excited" by prospects for the 2012 elections, while only 56 percent of Republicans described themselves as "very excited" about the 2012 elections.

The soul of the Republican Party is on the line, and 2012 will be the election where the rubber finally hits the road.  I can't wait!


Don said...

In a supremely ironic twist, it is the GOP's over-the-top response to Obama that will ensure his re-election. No candidate acceptable to the Republican base will stand a chance in a general election whose outcome is determined by real-world voters.
Republicans scored big in the midterm elections because most voters stayed home.
That won't happen in 2012.

Pa Rock's Ramble said...

You're right, Don. Democrats are already getting fired up for 2012 - and the Republican "base" dies off a little with each passing day. The more these people are exposed to the harsh light of day, the quicker they will wither and disappear.