Thursday, February 10, 2011

Republican Family Values Take Another Hit

by Pa Rock
Citizen Journalist

Representative Chris Lee, a sanctimonious Republican from the suburbs of western New York state, resigned from Congress yesterday after shirtless pictures of himself appeared at on the Internet.  Congressman Lee's loyal staff, a group of people whose income depends on keeping their boss at the public trough, responded to the racy photos by dutifully claiming that he had been the victim of hackers.  It quickly became clear, however, that the narcissistic politician was the victim of his own ego and actions.

It seems that Mr. Virility was reading the "Women Seeking Men" section of Craig's List when he came upon a  woman who was looking for someone smart and capable who didn't look like "a toad."  After quickly snatching a few flies-on-the-wing, he snapped a couple hot-stuff photographs of himself and fired them off to the lady shopper.  The next thing Chris knows, he's famous!

And now America is left to wonder how a guy this dumb got elected to Congress in the first place.  Unfortunately, it appears that the standards of voters just aren't all that high.  Republican Senator David Vitter of Louisiana was caught using the services of hookers and the voters returned his to the Senate anyway.

Many are saying that Congressman Lee could have survived this scandal politically - if there are no more shoes waiting to drop - because the public is ready to forgive men who prove fallible to the charms of  lusty women.  The public is still mighty intolerant, however, of men who prey on other men (such as Senator Larry Craig, also a Republican, of airport restroom fame) or on boys (such as GOP Congressman Mark Foley,  an breathless aficionado of young male House pages.)

Former Louisiana Governor Edwin Edwards is often credited (probably incorrectly) with warning a fellow politician that the only way he could lose the election was to get caught in bed with "a  live man or a dead woman."  Most sources credit that bit of political wisdom to Texas Congressman Joe Pool.  Sadly, neither lived long enough to enjoy the depravity of the Internet!

But, whether there is more to the bawdy tale of Chris Lee or not, he is gone - and the morals police on Capitol Hill are down one more vote.  One is left to wonder how long it will be until the Republican well of sanctimony and intolerance for the sins of others runs completely dry.  

Drip, drip, drip.

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