Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sorting Snakes

by Pa Rock
Citizen Journalist

Health Care Reform passed in Congress a week ago tonight and was signed into law by President Obama on Tuesday, and despite threats of everything from death panels, riots in the streets, the collapse of the economy, and even Armageddon, the world is still turning. Republicans in general and the teabaggers in particular must be sorely disappointed that their worst fears have gone unrealized. And the citizen's militias, survivalists, and other armed hillbillies are probably wallowing in despair because the revolution that they keep preparing for has eluded them yet again.

John McCain, a true political chameleon, is currently striving to be a snarling darling of the right, spewing hate and promising to repeal health care reform and replace it with some secret plan. He is also begging for money to help him in his crusade to repeal and replace the bill, although he fails to explain what he can do with more money that he can't do now - as a sitting United States Senator with a rich wife.

McCain brought the Wasilla hillbillies to Arizona last week, and the toothless masses turned out in droves to cheer on the former half-term governor of Alaska and her unemployed spouse. They had good crowds, but that should come as no surprise in a state where high school graduates are looked on as effete intellectual snobs. Sarah yelled inane comments into the microphone and the crowds went wild.

And old John did his snarly-smiley thing.

But the goobers weren't there to see McCain. They were there for Sarah - and come the primary they will be voting for J.D. Hayworth.

Sorry, John. I don't think after this year you are going to be in any position to repeal and replace anything. Enjoy your retirement.

I kind of feel sorry for the old sailor. He is kissing up to the teabaggers like the true political animal that he is, but he is well known for being petty and holding grudges. If he accidentally should be reelected to the Senate, he would quickly repay their noisy insolence with support for immigration reform. I have even thought about registering as a Republican for this primary only and casting a vote for McCain just so he could piss all over the right-wing rabble, but then I thought better of it, and decided to let those fools should sort out their own snakes!

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