Friday, March 12, 2010

Glenn Beck's Jihad on Christianity

by Pa Rock
Citizen Journalist

Glenn Beck, easily one of the strangest media performers operating in America today, has had a very bad week - even for him! Beck, whose shtick involves yelling, crying, and always being the righteous victim - or the mouthpiece of righteous victims, invited former Democratic Congressman Eric Massa onto his show this week. Beck hoped to show that Democratic power brokers had trumped up gay sex charges against Massa in order to get him out of Congress before he could vote against the final health care bill. Beck kept leading Massa to water, but Massa kept spitting it back at Beck - making himself look worse and worse with every word he uttered. Finally Beck apologized to his audience for wasting an hour of their time.

More than a couple of commentators have suggested that Beck should give that same apology to his audience every time he signs off!

But Glenn Beck's problems go far deeper than not being able to control his guests. Indeed, his biggest problem is that he can't seem to control himself. This week Beck began ranting about Christian churches that promote economic and social justice. He told his congregants (listeners) to check out the web sites of their churches, and if the words "social justice" or "economic justice" were used on the web sites they should complain to their ministers - and then flee those churches. You see, according to Glenn Beck, those terms are code that indicate the churches are actually controlled by Nazi's or Communists. Really.

For the past couple of days Glenn Beck has been bombarded with messages from Christian churches all across America. It turns out that there are many of those subversive churches out there - churches where they actually believe that Christ had a social conscience and was indeed concerned with the plight of the poor. Beck is a Mormon, and his own church has even been critical of his strange position.

Some ministers have gone so far as to suggest that the members of their congregations walk away from Beck. That is pretty extreme. Jesus would probably have just turned the other cheek and responded with an act of kindness - or some other Nazi pinko stunt!

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