Monday, March 8, 2010

Once a Grifter...

by Pa Rock
Citizen Journalist

It should come as no surprise to anyone that Sarah Palin is a bit of a con-artist. One of her first acts as John McCain's running mate was to head to Nieman Marcus where she shopped, and shopped, and shopped. Then, after the election, her former future son-in-law, Levi Johnston, let it slip that she was greedy and had talked about how nice it would be to just walk away from being governor and cash-in - which she did shortly thereafter. And then she hired a ghostwriter to pen a book in her name and paraded around the country peddling and signing copies of "her" book. She also took a whole slug of money that she had collected to promote other Republican candidates and used that money to purchase copies of "her" book to use as gifts.

Sarah the barracuda was swimming in dough!

Last week it was revealed that she is pimping her family out to Hollywood for use in some goofy Alaska reality show. Yes, she is greedy, and yes, she has no shame!

Today another Palin outrage came to light. It turns out she did not become a con-artist as a result of being in politics, rather it is an inherited trait.

The eternally vacuous Ms. Palin told a conservative group in Calgary, Alberta (Canada) today that she and her family used to slip across the border into Canada when she was little in order to take advantage of the free Canadian national health care. Yup, the Queen of Mean who loves to rant that U.S. national health care would kill grandma, grew up in a family that took advantage of the Canadian free health care system.

If national health insurance was good enough for young Sarah and her family then, it ought to be good enough for old Sarah and her family now. Of course, times have changed. Young Sarah never shopped at Neiman Marcus! American health care is the best in the world - just ask any rich person!

Okay, she's a con-artist and a hypocrite! Not too surprisingly, Sweet Sarah is also a liar.

In her speech to the Canadian audience today she told a story of how her little brother had burned his foot when he was young, and the family had to take him by train to Whitehorse, Canada, for medical treatment. It turns out she told the same story in Juneau, Alaska, in 2007 when she was running for governor. There she told about her brother burning his foot and the family having to take him to Juneau by boat so he could be treated. It's not a bad story, but she needs to pick one version and stick with it.

Sarah Palin is a mirror image of all that is wrong with politics in America. She is unprincipled, dishonest, and greedy. Fortunately for the country, she does not have the energy or stamina to win the Presidency. (I would have added the word "intellect" to those necessary qualifications, but George W. Bush proved that one was not a prerequisite!)

Good luck with the reality show, Sarah. Here's hoping that proves to be your niche!

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Mike Box said...

Makes me wonder if her brother ever burned his foot.