Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Boone Macy Archive

by Pa Rock
Proud Grandpa

Boone included a letter with his new book. I am going to archive it here so that I will always know where to find it. I love getting letters from my grandson!

Dear Grandpa Rock.

How are you? Have you been watching the Olympics? I've been watching them with my Grandma. Have you been reading any books? I've been reading a book called "Abduction." It's about a kid that gets stolen by his father he has never seen. I saw the movie called "Avatar." Have you seen it? I also saw "The Wolf Man." I didn't think it was very good though. I hope I can see you sometime.


And here is my reply:

Dear Boone,

It was so good getting your letter, and I loved your book about Jim Morrison! Yes, I did watch some of the Olympics - I like the Winter Games more than I do the Summer Games. I guess that is because I miss the snow. It doesn't ever snow in Phoenix.

I read all of the time. It is a wonderful activity and lets you go places in your mind that you might never be able to get to in real life. I am reading the third volume of "The Lord of the Rings" right now. I also have a stack of books by my bed that I will read later. Every morning I sit in my car and read mystery stories while I eat my breakfast. (I still share my breakfast sandwich with a black bird named Bob!)

I didn't see "Avatar," but it is still playing at a couple of theatres out here, so I may get to see it yet. I have heard that it is good. I liked "The Wolf Man" but did not think that it was great.

I will see you in a couple of months when you and your dad come to Phoenix. I think that we will drive to San Diego again and play in the ocean. Would you enjoy that?

Boone, keep writing. I love to hear from you.

Pa Rock

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molly. said...

Those letters are great. Scott saw Avatar too, loved it.