Saturday, March 27, 2010

Me and My Droid

by Pa Rock
Toy Master

I lost my phone again this week. It's becoming a habit that I attribute to El Nino or La Nina or the pull of the moon - anything but advancing age! So today, after a bad experience at the gym, I headed over to Costco where a nice young man named Martin hooked me up with a smart phone.

I have been threatening to get a smart phone for months, actually since December when my kids told me not so subtly that I wasn't smart enough to use one. I knew what I wanted - an iPhone to complement my only other tech toy - my shiny, silver iPod. But Apple seems to be hellbent on keeping AT&T as the exclusive service provider for the iPhone as well as their new iPad, and I'm not signing any contracts with Ma Bell - it's a sixties thing!

Martin assured me that there would be a foot of snow covering downtown Phoenix before Apple went with a better provider. The phone that Martin recommended is the Google Droid with service by Verizon. He spent quite a bit of time in the store showing me how to do things on the Droid, most of which went right over my head. Before I left, however, I did manage to learn how to turn it on and off - and put it to sleep and wake it up.

Since getting home I have learned how to check email (although I still haven't figured out how to answer email), and how to make a phone call. (The sound is awesome, crystal clear and loud enough for my old ears!) I kept my old number, but so far no one has called - so I don't know whether I know how to answer the damned thing or not!

Give me a call!

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molly. said...

AWESOME!!! Scott wants the Sprint version of the Google phone. I'd like something tech savvy as well someday. How fun! I'm excited for you!! Let us know how you like it.