Sunday, March 14, 2010

Boone Macy's Latest Book

by Pa Rock
Proud Grandpa

I just received a new book, hot off the press, by my grandson, Boone Macy. I have already read it, cover-to-cover, and am highly impressed!

The Doors, written and illustrated by Boone, is the story of Jim Morrison. It is an excellent biography of the troubled soul and poet to a generation - my generation.

This book is done very cleverly, with biographical text on the right-hand pages, and quotes from Morrison songs on the left-hand pages. Here is the first quote that he chose:

"When you're strange
Faces come out of the rain
When you're strange
No one remembers your name
When you're strange."

That song, of course, was part of the soundtrack of my favorite movie, The Lost Boys, and the quote is somewhat prophetic with the death of Corey Haim this week.

Boone dedicated this book to his Mom and Dad. That is so cool because, even though they are divorced, Nick and Cindy have worked together in raising my grandson and have done an excellent job of it. Boone's maternal grandparents, Dan and Margaret Wallis, have also been very instrumental in helping to mold him into the fine young man that he is today. I am so envious of all of the time that those four get to spend with Boone, and so glad that they are all there for him!

Boone's first book came out last year and was titled The UFO Battle. Both of his books are on Pa Rock's list of top ten books of all time - and both have a place of honor in my library!

Hey Boone, did you know that if Jim Morrison was still alive he would be over four years older than Pa Rock? That's a fact, Jack!

Keep writing, buddy!

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Nick said...

Thats a great blog. I'll make sure and have Boone read it.