Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Yes, but...

by Pa Rock

John McBush seems to have turned sputtering senility into an art form as he bangs his cane on the furniture wanting to know why no one is paying any attention to him. After all:

• Yes, he’s been in Washington DC for over a quarter of a century, but isn't that a good thing?

• Yes, he campaigns five days a week, or less, but reporters ought to appreciate the time off, right?

• Yes, he’s a nice guy, but it’s usually during the sixteen hours or so a day when he’s asleep.

• Yes, he has a rich and pretty wife whom he only disparages whenever he feels like it, but only in the presence of friends, aides, or anyone else who happens to be within ear shot.

• Yes, he has the support of the Bush family, kinda sorta, but that's a good thing, too, isn't it?

• Yes, he walked out on his physically handicapped first wife and mother of his children (the woman who waited patiently and faithfully at home for years while he was a prisoner of the Viet Cong) in order to live in sin with a pretty young woman who was half his age, but, hey, boys will be boys, right?

• Yes, he graduated from the Naval Academy in the bottom one percent of his class, but what’s wrong with a little humility?

• Yes, he will agree to pull US troops out of Iraq when the Iraqi government asks us to leave, but that is subject to change if the Iraqi government really does ask us to leave.

• Yes, he spent months berating Obama because he had not been to Iraq recently, but then he regrouped and accused Obama of conducting a campaign stunt when he took up the challenge.

• Yes, he admits that he knows nothing about economics, but he does know that the bad economy is all just in our heads anyway.

• Yes, he was a part of the Keating Five corruption scandal, but so were the other four.

• Yes, he supports off-shore drilling, but it has nothing to do with his windfall donations from Big Oil.

• Yes, Barack has Oprah, but McBush will always have Paris!

• Yes, he was photographed hugging Bush, but they didn't kiss - at least not in front of the cameras!

Exxon-McBush '08!

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