Thursday, August 21, 2008

McBush's McMansions

by Pa Rock

Making fun of John McBush for not knowing how many houses he owns is like shooting fish in a barrel. I don't feel right even commenting on this story - it's like picking on the mentally retarded!

But, retarded or not, McBush is running for President and that makes him fair game for explaining the crap that slides off of his tongue. Politico asked - and the senior senator from Hellizona either couldn't or wouldn't state the number of homes he owns. Apparently his campaign came back later and said that he basically resides in four. The correct answer, as purported by sources considerably more honest than his campaign, is seven - estimated value of $13 million.

Yep, he sounds like a man of the people - just not the people who live in my neighborhood!

And again I ask - who's the elitist?

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