Sunday, August 10, 2008

Pretty Boy Self-Destructs

by Pa Rock

Does anybody mourn the passing of John Edwards? If Ohio had been counted honestly in 2004, he would today be Vice-President of the United States. It was that close! And if he would have kept his marriage vows, he might have been elected Vice-President this November.

John Edwards had the lofty goal of making America see poverty and understand it. He talked about growing up poor in a mill town and then becoming the first member of his family to graduate from college. He was inspiring. He also talked about the horror of having a child die, and the family's personal struggle in dealing with Elizabeth's cancer. He was sympathetic.

And he was a fool.

John Edwards did more than just cheat on his wife. That brave woman has been no ordinary wife. When their teenage son died in a car wreck, an aging Elizabeth dutifully gave birth to two more children so that John could have a son. When her cancer reoccurred, she sucked it up and hit the campaign trail with her man. She was the wife that most men would die for - but not John.

So Pretty Boy crapped all over his marriage vows. Then when he was finally cornered about the affair with Rielle Hunter, he admitted a dalliance, but denied that he had hired the woman for his campaign after the affair began so that he could keep her near him. He also denied that he was the father of her baby daughter. Both lies.

So John, twist in the wind, you deserve no better. Elizabeth, however, does deserve better, and so does America.

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