Sunday, August 17, 2008

Strangers on a Shuttle

by Pa Rock

I met the nicest lady on the shuttle from the San Antonio airport today. She had an Obama button on her bag that I was quick to compliment, and that led us into a conversation about politics, Hurricane Fay, and child abuse. The lady (we never did exchange names, but I hope that I run into her again this week) was a child abuse trainer on assignment for the Feds, and I am here for training in how to question victims of child seexual abuse - but, alas, we were at different trainings.

My new friend has met Senator Obama three times, and went on about how personable he is and how he really wants to hear people's opinions on the issues. She said that he actually listens, an unusual trait for a politician. Her daughter and son-in-law are going to the convention in Denver, and then they plan to follow him to Washington to work in his administration. She wanted to know about Arizona's Governor Napolitano, and I had lots of positive things to say about her.

And then we talked about grandchildren...

Before we parted company she gave me an Obama button, and I have worn it around San Antonio the rest of the day. A couple of people have stepped up to me and made positive remarks about our candidate. I think it's called networking!

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