Saturday, August 23, 2008

Atypical Saturday

by Pa Rock

This is the first Saturday since February that I haven't been chained to the computer typing Rootbound columns into a blog. To celebrate, I went to the office and spent three-and-a-half hours catching up on the paperwork that piled up while I was in Texas. I didn't get completely caught up, but the backlog is now manageable.

After that I went to the gym. I expect to die at the gym someday...but that's okay. It will be the radical changes in temperature that do me in. I go into the gym from the oven called Arizona, walk on a treadmill in air-conditioned comfort, and occasionally use a couple of the weight machines - all of which begin to warm me up again. Then I go to the locker room (where it is cool) and change into my swim trunks and got sit in the very hot spa for twenty minutes. Then it's back to the cool locker room, the cool gym, out the front door, and back into Hell! (If I do die at the gym, I hope that it is in the large, bubbly spa! It is Nirvana!)

The spa today was fun. There are two actually, and each can accommodate fifteen or twenty people. The one that I was in this afternoon was fairly full, and at one end of the communal bath a young couple appeared to be very busy trying to breed. I suspect the reason that they weren't successful in their endeavor was that the warm churning water took the jack out of his hammer. Several other individuals in the spa looked as though they would be ready to jump in and help if need be, but the invitation never came. Instead the young man and his lady left and went to the lap pool which has cooler, non-turbulent water. I wonder if the water stayed that way?


Anonymous said...

That is exactly why I could never join you in those. I alwasy imagine sperm running up my chin and somehow me gobbling it down. God damn that's nasty. AHHH. I remember when i was in grade school, I was told I could get AIDS from public restrooms. Needless to say I'm now a germaphbic in some areas and a slob in others. Also urine. The amount of urine in public pools completely instills a fear in me that i cringe ovber. O.K. chlorine is not cool man. Its still picc and sperm juices.

- Sir Bob

Pa Rock's Ramble said...

Sir Bob,

You are definitely the most interesting guest that has popped up on this blog in a long time. You seem to have some unique issues. Would you like to recline on my cyber couch and talk about them?

Pa Rock