Thursday, August 14, 2008

Who's Really the Elitist?

by Pa Rock

McBush and his minions have been busy lately suggesting that Obama is a "celebrity" and an "elitist." For those not up on their Republican hate speech, both are code words for "uppity." The Republicans are casting back to those romantic days of the 1950's when upright Americans like Bull Connor, Orville Faubus, and George Corley Wallace would have known exactly how to express their feelings, without having to resort to code: "That boy, Obama, shore don't know his place. He's gotten plumb uppity." The Republican base knows what elitist "really" means, and for the vast majority, (the ones who haven't completely shed their tails), the sentiment rings true. Remind them that the boy is one uppity nigra, but for pete's sake, don't get racial! And so the straight talk goes...

But who is the true elitist candidate? Would it be the one who grew up poor and put himself through college with student loans - and owns one home? Or would it be the one who is a son and grandson of Admirals, has a family income in excess of one-third of a billion dollars a year, and owns eight homes? Even a Republican ought to be able to figure that one out!

I probably won't make it to a McBush Town Hall Meeting, but if anyone reading this does get to one, here is a what I would like to hear him answer: How many undocumented workers does it take to mow the yards and clean the toilets at your very nice eight homes?

And tell him that the question is from Pa Rock - with love!

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