Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Rusty Pails #29:
And the Band Played On

by Rocky Macy

You may have already heard about it on the scanner, but, if not, notice is hereby given that the Sprung Hinge Clank ‘n Clatter Brigade (one of the best kitchen bands in town) is practicing again on Saturday nights behind Shadetree Mike’s Pump and Git.

Mike’s Ermine and Miss Lucy Longtooth are conspiring on some new vocal duets that could crack an engine block on a Mack truck as it flees down the Interstate. The ever-versatile Judge Rufus T. Redbone vacillates between playing lead saw, kazoo, and spoons. Esther Pearl is back on the washboard after one season with cowbells and the four-slice toaster. (Miss Lola Longtooth, our newest member, will debut on bells. Esther sold the toaster.) Gladys “Is there a man in the house?” Clench plunks a banjo she made from a cake pan and a girdle, while Truman Treetopper sits beside her playing his false teeth with one hand and his armpit with the other.

And Rusty? Well, I’m still on the electric blender. My high notes leave something to be desired, but man, can I puree!

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