Sunday, April 6, 2008

Journaling in the 21st Century

As mentioned in this blog on prior occasions, I am busy placing my old genealogy column, Rootbound in the Hills, into another blog. Today, while carefully typing column #35 out of 242, I came across something that I wrote 20 years ago about the importance of preserving family history. It is shared below:
Rootbound Ramblings: Genealogy involves far more than just tracking down ancestors. A significant aspect of the work is the preservation of your immediate family history. Most genealogical "how to" books stress the importance of keeping a journal, a daily account of your journey through life. Imagine how excited you would be to discover a journal or diary that was kept by an ancestor 200 years ago. Wouldn't it be fascinating to hear that ancestor's story, in his or her own words! That's the same type of impact that your story might have on your descendants a century or two from now. But they won't have it to read unless you take the time to write - everyday! Get started - I have!

Today, I no longer journal like I did somewhat obsessively for over ten years, but I do blog. Pa Rock's Ramble is the dusty old diary that I am setting aside for my descendants. I hope that they find it. I hope that they enjoy it!

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