Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The Biggest Losers

Three people on the periphery of this presidential election cycle have proven themselves to be world class losers.

#3: Obviously Bill Clinton (with all of his braying, bullying, and race-baiting) damaged not only his wife's camapign, but also slapped a heavy coat of slime on his legacy.

#2: Senator Joe Lieberman, once a respected member of Congress, now has his nose so far up John McBush's butt that he's little more than the human equivalent of a Depends adult diaper. Old Joe thinks he is going to be Secretary of State, or Defense, or even Vice-President. The trouble is, of course, McBush can't even remember where he parked the Straight Talk Express, much less manage a country - and President Obama probably won't even invite Lieberman to the inauguration. You're riding the wrong horse, Joe!

#1: And the biggest loser - yesterday, today, and for the forseeable future - is George Corley Bush. Yes, the W has slipped into total irrevalance as the nation focuses on the future. His war is being debated by the people who will ultimately have the responsibility of extricating our forces and rebuilding our reputation in the world, and nobody cares what the Prez thinks. He's all hat and no cattle - and the hat is just a beanie! What a wasted presidency!

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