Thursday, April 3, 2008

Greetings from Arizona

Spring is less that two weeks old, and it is already becoming uncomfortably hot in Arizona. In fact, Arizona only has two seasons: hot and not so hot. It is heating up so quickly that the snowbirds will soon start packing up and returning to their homes in Missouri, and Minnesota, and Maine, and other places that boast four seasons instead of two.

The cacti are blooming, and they are beautiful! Yesterday I watched as a hummingbird flitted from bloom to bloom on a large cactus. The orange trees are littering the sidewalks and driveways with their sweet fruit, and the grapefruit are starting to drop as well.

Arizona is still gun crazy. The state legislature spends an inordinate amount of time trying to figure out ways to get all citizens to arm themselves. This in a state where you can't buy a firecracker! Go figure! Maybe heat makes you stupid!

And, to frost the cake, a local is running for President. John McBush thinks he is going to move into the White House. McBush will probably carry Arizona because the average state age is about 90, and many would like to give the "kid" a break!

Meanwhile, me and the scorpions will hunker down in the shade of a sun-scorched cactus and enjoy the hot season.

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