Monday, April 14, 2008


I submitted the following to a blog on the Anderson Cooper 360 website today:
"Billary is absolutely poisonous. Her aim isn't to take this nomination away from Senator Obama, but to ensure that he can't beat McBush in the fall. She hopes to rise from the ashes of the party that she destroyed and become the nominee in 2012. She may well do it, but it will be without my vote.

While Senator Obama stays positive and is occasionally too honest, Billary is all about lying, manipulation, and race-baiting.

I heard a comment a few days ago lamenting that Billary was the only woman "in the pipeline" to become President, and if she didn't do it now, it might be generations before another woman stood a chance. It sounds to me as though the pipeline in need of a good flushing! I submit that any of the following would be more electable and would make a far more honest and reliable Chief Executive for our country than the junior senator from New York: Gov. Kathleen Sebelius, Gov. Janet Napolitano, Senator Mary Landrieu, Senator Blanche Lincoln, and even Senator Barbara Boxer.

The curtain needs to fall on the Clinton drama. No third term!"

Sometimes it helps just to spew!


Bruce Arnold said...

Ah, still sucking up the lies from the Big Elitist MainStrem Corporate Media, I see...

Hillary was appointed El Presidente-elect for 2008 back in 2000 (if not before). This is all just a snowjob about Obama having a chance to be #1 Demorat (but maybe he'll still be vice-emperor - I don't know that much for certain).

Care to place a bet right now? I'm willing!


Pa Rock's Ramble said...

Bruce, No bet! She's in it to win it, though I don't really see how she can - short of some really radical move. Obama has too much integrity to ever run with her, so he won't be vice-emperor. I still believe her only goal now is to wreck him for the general so that she can pounce in 2012, but I know better than to ever count a Clinton out. Rock