Thursday, February 14, 2008

Welcome to Arizona

My sister, Gail Macy from Fayetteville, AR, arrived today to spend the holiday weekend with me in the sunny southwest. Her first comment was that she was impressed with all of the palm trees.

The area of the West Valley that I live in is actually the Palm Valley section of Goodyear, and there are many palm trees - some that must be fifty feet tall. There are also lots of giant saguro cacti used in landscaping around this area. I asked a fellow here how landscapers managed to transplant these prickly behemoths. He said that they wrap them in blankets and then tip them onto a flatbed truck. After they are moved the landscapers tip them into the prepared hole and then remove the blankets. Some of the ones around here are twenty to twenty-five feet tall. They have a shallow root system so that they can gather as much water as possible during our infrequent rains. When it does rain, they swell with the added water and occasionally topple onto the ground - or a nearby car or house. I suppose that finding your car crushed beneath a cactus could really ruin your day!

Billary sent me another letter today begging for cash. She will get her postage-paid return envelope back in next week's mail - without a damned dime! When will she ever learn???

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