Sunday, February 17, 2008

Pleasure Island

by Rocky Macy

Auntie Arabella has a smelly plate of fish,
But the kids all like her cooking
And their cats will clean the dish.

Boone peels bananas and bakes banana bread,
And all the baboons grab a loaf
Before they go to bed.

Carmen found a coconut lying on the beach,
And in the palms were dozens more
Far beyond her reach.

Dickie Drake, the show-off, has a duck egg in his ear,
But the kids all ignore him
And the mama duck stays near.

Erin feeds the elders beneath the lemon tree,
Where they enjoy their fish and poi
And the lemonade is free.

Frankie chases fireflies along the sandy shore,
And the kids all cheer him on,
Until the rain begins to pour.

Garlo climbs a grapevine way up to the sky,
And the kids all like his spirit
So they wait below with pie.

Happy Henry plays lots of silly tricks,
But the kids don’t think he’s funny
And they chase him with their sticks.

Irma says that Indigo is her favorite ink,
But the kids prefer papaya
Which is a peachy pink.

Jumping Jimmy Joe has a frog in his pants,
But the kids all like his moves
And they love to watch him dance.

Kewpie throws kisses to everyone in town,
And the kids all like her lots and lots
And they will never make her frown.

Laughing little Lauren has a lemon and a lime,
And she would like to catch a lizard
But she cannot make it rhyme.

Molly juggles mangoes beneath the moon so bright,
And the kids must like her show
Because they watch her every night.

Nicky pulls his fishing nets from the deep lagoon,
And all the kids help grab the fish
That will be cooking soon.

Olive dives for oysters searching for a pearl,
And yesterday she found one,
She is such a lucky girl!

Pete the playful pirate has a parrot on his head,
But the kids all like him anyway
And the parrot’s name is Fred.

Queenie was very quick and also very quiet,
But when she tripped on a snoring boar
Queenie started quite a riot!

Rocky chases rabbits just to watch them run,
And all the kids jump aside
While Rocky has his fun.

Sebastian likes to picnic down by the sea,
Where he serves the kids sea biscuits
And a hearty seaweed tea.

Timmy thought it was funny to pull the tiger’s tail,
But the kids did not laugh
And they sent him off to jail.

Uma plays her ukulele softly in the breeze
And the kids all listen quietly
As they lie beneath the trees.

Victor went to the volcano to watch the lava flow,
But when the lava came to close
Victor had to go!

Wanda Wiki-Wiki picks orchids for her lei,
But the kids would like her much, much more
If she took some time to play.

Xavier bangs a steel drum and a xylophone,
And all of the kids savor
Each and every tone.

Yolanda has a raft that she calls a yacht,
And she sails each day at sunrise
If the weather’s not too hot.

Zeke zips among the palms looking for a treasure,
But the kids all see what he cannot:
Their lives are rich with pleasure!

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