Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Final Democratic Debate

I have been sitting at the computer quietly typing in another old Rootbound column into the new blog (www.rootboundinthehills.blogspot.com) while using tonight's debate for background noise. Tonight is debate number twenty. Can there be anything left that Billary or Obama have yet to answer? I have been especially alert all evening listening for the sound of a kitchen sink being thrown, but so far the closest thing that I have heard to a big attack came from Billary when she tore into Tim Russert for always asking her the first question. What a whiner!

Cretins of the week: Yesterday Billary's campaign sent out a photo of Barack Obama in a Somali turban in an attempt to make him look like a Muslim, or a terrorist, or simply unAmerican. Then they couldn't decide whether to take credit for the sleazy tactic or not. Today, McCain was introduced to a crowd in Cleveland by a racist radio personality who kept repeatedly referring to Barack HUSSEIN Obama. McCain distanced himself from the speaker and said that it would never happen again at one of his events - after the crowd had left.

Yes, we all know that Obama is Black and had an African father, and we all know that his middle name is Hussein and that his last name rhymes with Osama. So what? If that's your best shot Billary, and if that's your best shot McCain, it is time to get out of the way and watch the future emerge! Our kids and grandkids deserve something better than a couple of tired, old has-beens whose primary tactic is name-calling.

Say goodnight, Billary. Say goodnight, McCain.

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