Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Brass Teapot

I watched a movie tonight, a twenty-minute gem entitled The Brass Teapot. It is a good movie, a very good movie that was recently exhibited at a festival for short films in the United Arab Emirates. This movie is so very good that, if I had more vacation time built up at my new job, I would have flown to the UAE and seen it there. That's how good The Brass Teapot is!

My son, Tim, wrote the short story that this film is based on, and he co-wrote the screenplay. It is his first foray into writing for the movies, but it will certainly not be the last movie to have his name in the credits. In fact, another of his short stories is already being put on film at the University of Ohio, and he helped to write that screenplay also.

I am excited for Tim. He is at the front end of what promises to be a most creative and rewarding life. He is imaginative, and he is gutsy. The world beckons!

(I hope it's not too obvious that I am shamefully campaigning for an invitation to the Academy Awards in a few years!)

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