Friday, February 1, 2008

First Friday

Downtown Phoenix hosts a large street fair on the first Friday evening of each month. Local artisans set up tables along the streets for several blocks and sell their wares: paintings, t-shirts, jewelry, food, and lots of novelties. I have some friends from work who have been First Friday vendors for the past several months. Tonight I joined them there and had a very nice time ambling along the streets and checking out the fun and merchandise. There were also several street musicians performing, petitions being passed to get the Green Party on the ballot, and some die-hard Ron Paul supporters promoting their candidate. It was a very neighborly affair.

The Met-Life blimp floated over the First Friday event. I assume that it is in town for the Super Bowl. There has been a marked uptick in traffic over the past few days.

Speaking of big bags of hot air, former President Clinton was in town last night pandering for his Missus. (I was so tempted to say "pimping," but I didn't want to get tacky!) The local newspaper reported that 2,400 turned out to see him. That same newspaper, The Arizona Republic, put the total for the Obama event the night before at 13,000. But, hey, who's counting!

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