Wednesday, January 2, 2008

The Political Season

I heard on the news tonight that John F. Kennedy announced on January 2, 1960, that he would be a candidate for President in November of 1960. Imagine how nice it would be to have the entire presidential election circus take place in a single year!

Most of this year’s presidential candidates announced months ago and have been in the campaign trenches ever since, and the first significant electoral process, the Iowa caucuses, will finally take place tomorrow. So now we are taking nearly two years to elect a president!

And then there is the subject of money. One estimate that came out today is that the candidates have spent over $30 million in Iowa alone. Those poor Iowa residents have had to endure over 50,000 television commercials for and against the various candidates in the last few months.

It is truly becoming the best democracy that money can buy!

My Iowa Predictions:

Democrats: 1. Barack Obama 2. John Edwards 3. Hillary Clinton 4. Bill Richardson
Likely dropouts: Joe Biden and Chris Dodd.

Republicans: 1. Mike Huckabee 2. Mitt Romney 3. John McCain 4. Ron Paul
Likely dropouts: Duncan Hunter and Fred Thompson

Now, on to New Hampshire!

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