Saturday, January 26, 2008

Out and About in Arizona

A big red rose to the nice lady who carded me at a local Circle K before she would sell me a lottery ticket! It has been so many years since anyone asked to see my ID!

Super Bowl XLII is coming to town next weekend. Lots of locals are fluffing up their income by renting their homes out to the influx of football tourists. And these home rentals aren’t cheap! Today a car passed me that had a professional looking sign in the window saying “Rent your home for up to $10,000 per night for the Super Bowl.” I wonder if that includes breakfast!

A truck passed me a few minutes later and the young male driver, obviously responding to my Obama bumper sticker, yelled out his window, “F--- Obama!” Gotta love those Christian fundamentalists!

Later my little car took me to the Goodyear Flea Market. It was my first visit to this amazing marketplace. There were hundreds of vendors selling everything from art to plants, jewelry, books, and even parakeets! Food vendors were also in abundance peddling everything from kettle corn to cold beer. It was all very airy and clean – a great place to spend several hours with little chance of getting bored!

Tonight I was focused on the Obama victory in the South Carolina primary, followed by the season premier of Torchwood. All in all, it’s been a very pleasant day!

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