Thursday, January 3, 2008

Obama, Oh My!

I am enjoying the Obama victory in Iowa this evening. Barack Obama, a son of Kenya and Kansas, is on his way to the White House! It is truly the dawn of a new day in America!

Other observations:

 Hillary’s concession speech was more gracious than the one given by Edwards.
 Fred Thompson did better than I thought he would. I hope that somebody woke him up and told him that he is still in the race!
 The Democratic turnout was tremendous – which portends very well for November.
 Chuck Norris’s teeth are unnaturally white!
 Ron Paul’s people have been deluding themselves.
 Bill Clinton is looking really old!
 Mike Huckabee may be a gasbag, but he has a good sense of humor.
 Joe Biden is a class act.
 Barack Obama is the most powerful public speaker in America!

On to New Hampshire!


molly said...

haha! I pointed Chuck Norris out in the background to Scott and he said, "What?? Where?". I wasn't aware that Chuck Norris was that deep into politics. Yes, Bill is looking quite old. Also agreed that Obama is a VERY well spoken individual. Nothing really seems to frazzle him.

Pa Rock's Ramble said...

Yes, that was Chuckles. He is a Huckabee freak. Did you see how white his teeth were?!