Wednesday, January 30, 2008

I'm Fired Up - Ready to Go!

Barack Obama was in town tonight, and he was amazing! As I sit here trying to collect my thoughts of this spectacular event, I am hoarse from shouting and my hands hurt from clapping almost continually for over an hour.

The future President (and after tonight I am certain of that prediction) was accompanied by two very notable women. The first person to speak was Caroline Kennedy, the remaining heir to Camelot, and she talked about how Barack Obama had personally inspired her to become active in this race. She, in turn, introduced Governor Janet Napolitano of Arizona. Napolitano is a barn-burner of a speaker, and she stirred almost as much excitement in her home state crowd as did Obama. Here is my second prediction of this paragraph: Governor Napolitano will be his running mate. Their chemistry bordered on being explosive! Prediction number three: Obama-Napolitano will crush McCain-Huckabee, even in McCain's home state of Arizona!

I've seen some world class political speakers - Nixon, Reagan, George Romney, Nelson Rockefeller, Bush Senior - but all of them pale in comparison to Obama! He was electric, and the crowd of 15,000 or more spent most of the evening on their feet cheering him on. He was exciting. He was all about the future, telling us about our potential for making America great again. He was empowering, he was charismatic, and he was ours for the evening!


molly. said...

Very exciting! I'm sorry I missed this! Scott was in the Obama traffic with you.. it took him an hour to drive 2 miles. Haha. I voted for Napolitano, I like her. She won her election by a landslide if I'm remembering right. The signs posted around the city just said JANET..she didn't even have to put her last name on them. Arizona, although a Rep state, really seems fond of Janet.

Pa Rock's Ramble said...

It was exciting! Big Bill is in town tonight speaking at ASU, but I don't think he has any possibility of outshining Obama. Hillary is making her second swing through Phoenix on Saturday. Arizona must be really in play to be garnering all of this national attention. I'm glad that I was able to vote here.