Saturday, January 12, 2008

Hey, I've Voted!

My Arizona Democratic Presidential Primary Ballot arrived in the mail yesterday, and I cast it today at the Phoenix Obama Headquarters. Any guesses as to whom I voted for?

The Obama Headquarters, for all of you living in the Valley of the Sun, is located at 22 East Mitchell Drive. Mitchell is the first block north of Osborne between Central and Third Street. There is some road construction on Mitchell, so you have to come in from Third Street. They have bumper stickers, t-shirts, yard signs, and other assorted Obama gear. I visited with a very polite young man named Ken who was manning the table out front, and I saw a volunteer inside working who appeared to be about my age. Ken said that they always can use more volunteers.

Kudos to our governor, Janet Napolitano, for endorsing Barack yesterday! I have a notion that the really smart office holders are looking for someone to head the ticket who has coattails. We need to be building legislative majorities, not stirring up the same old drama.

Obama '08!

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Bruce Arnold said...

The New World Order thanks your for your vote for continued conformity and the almighty blessing of the Status Quo!

Sucker. :)