Saturday, January 19, 2008

No Third Term!

While it may be sometime before the dust settles in either party's race to the White House, Bill Clinton is already emerging as perhaps the most significant loser of this election cycle. The once God-like icon of the disadvantaged and down-trodden has left Olympus and returned to his Arkansas persona of Bubba the ruthless campaigner. No matter what the candidates may be doing or saying, it's Bill who's soaking up the spotlight with his whining, blustering, and thundering threats. Hillary may or not make it to the White House, but this much is certain - Bubba's legacy is heading for the crapper!

Can America possibly get it's collective head around eight more years of Bill and Hillary? Are we ready to crawl out from under the Bush administration and back into the Clinton drama? Michael Bloomberg is starting to look better and better!

I got a nice letter from Hillary today asking for a contribution. I will be sending her postage-paid envelope back, without a donation, and with these words neatly penned on the outside: "No Third Term!"

Of course, politicians have no pride. She'll write again!


Anonymous said...

I got one of those letters from Ron Paul, but the republican was so cheap that instead of "postage paid" it said "put your 41 cent stamp here"

Pa Rock's Ramble said...

Hey Anonymous,

I blame Paul for that. If he would have crawled in bed with as many lobbyists as Hillary has, he would have plenty of money for postage paid envelopes!

No third term!