Thursday, January 17, 2008

Generation Z

I have a good friend in Tennessee whose twenty-year-old daughter recently went out and acquired a job at a deli counter in a large grocery store. My friend sent me some of the comments that she has heard from her daughter regarding that job - along with permission to post them on this blog.

1) Going to school is easier. You can just sit there and not pay
attention if you want to.
2) I was never so thankful just for sitting.
3) You know, there's a lot of steps to making sandwiches.
4) Uh, is that a meat or a cheese?
5) They call that manager for every little thing. You only have to have
two years of college to be a manager. He only makes $30,000 a year.
(Mom told her, "It's enough to pay for an apartment!")
6) After a long series of training about cleanliness and food service,
she is told by a coworker: "They don't care about that, they just want
you to move the product".

Memo to Tim: I think there might be the germ of a good filmscript in there somewhere!

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