Friday, July 14, 2017

On the Road with Cats

by Pa Rock
Road Warrior

(Pig Update:  My second trip to try and coax the young sow up the road to The Roost yesterday was a bust.  She was gone - hopefully to a good home somewhere.  

The opposite side of the road from the farm has been trashed as of late by some of my good neighbors who don't believe in paying a trash service to collect their waste, and after failing in my quest to secure the pig, I spent a half-hour climbing  through the ditch, in the scorching heat, picking up aluminum cans.  I came up with thirty-four cans in about half-a-block.   I have several large containers full of crushed cans that I have been collecting for the past three-plus years.  If the price of aluminum gets right, I will sell them and use the proceeds to dine on some fine pig at a tourist luau when I visit my friend Valerie in Hawaii this winter.

Perhaps that is why the little pig yesterday wouldn't follow me home.  She sensed a "luau"vibe!)

Rosie and I are in Kansas City.  Three of our little farm kitties came along for the ride and are now at a new home in Merriam, Kansas, where one will live and the other two will await further placement.  They were not happy about being taken from their mother and the tranquility of The Roost.  I was scratched and bitten multiple times while getting them loaded into a large and comfortable traveling cage.  Once in the cage, however, they were perfect travelers and didn't make a sound on the 277-mile journey.  (In fact, Rosie did not seem to realize that they were even in the car.)  And, even though the little cats enjoyed a large breakfast before the trip, there was zero mess in the cage upon arrival in Kansas.

Costco tomorrow, then tomorrow night Tim and I have tickets to see a live production of An American in Paris at Kansas City's beautiful outdoor venue, the Starlight Theatre.  It is a show that I have always wanted to see.

Donald Trump is in Paris today.   He made news for making an inappropriate remark about the fine figure of France's First Lady.  Years from now when a movie is filmed based on that visit, expect the title to be An American Pig in Paris.

Trump is no Gene Kelly - Emmett Kelly, maybe, but not Gene Kelly! 

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Xobekim said...

"Cammy" or is it "Cammie" (?), is a tortoise shell kitty, almost certainly a kitty with lady parts. She just had breakfast, observed her big brothers, and for a couple of minutes spoke with Biggie Boy in their native tongue.

The other two kittens went to a nice older couple who reside in the Argentine district of K.C.K.