Friday, July 21, 2017

Blazing Trails Across the Ozarks

by Pa Rock
Road Warrior

Today I have been on the road driving across southern Missouri and down into northern Arkansas.  It's been a long day - with some interesting stops to see friends along the way - and it has also been one helluva a hot day.  But even in this killer heat - near 100 degrees - I persist, cool in the knowledge that my friends in Phoenix are stumbling around in their oven which is twenty percent hotter than mine.

I left Rosie at home today, and she was very unhappy about that, but she is safe, and well cared for, and in a cool, cool house!

Tonight I am at my sister's home in Fayetteville, Arkansas, from where she and I will venture out later this evening to a social soiree at the home of my nephew, Reed Smith.  Tomorrow evenig the family is gathering at a local church to attend a ceremony as my niece Tiffany and her husband celebrate their first year of marriage by retaking their vows, this time before friends and family.  Tomorrow will also be the eighth birthday of my grandniece Ruby.  Little Ruby was born in England, resides in Chicago, and occasionally travels to third-world countries like Arkansas - and Uncle Rocky is always happy to get the chance to see her and her sister, Lauren!

Did I mention that it's hotter than blazes today?

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